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  The dripping hang-on coffee filtering bag

The dripping hang-on coffee filtering bag adopts the imported food-grade filtering paper as the raw materials. The filtering bag boasts good filtering and barrier performance, and can effectively filter the coffee residues. The coffee brewed after filtration through the dripping hang-on coffee filtering bag tastes more pure, and looks clearer. The hang-on part is made up of the food-grade body paper, which is stuck to the filtering paper through the new-and high-tech ultrasonic welding technique, so it contains no adhesive and adheres to the principle of safety and health. Users can hang the filtering bag on various cups. The filtering bag is highly practical, small in volume, convenient to carry and easy for brewing. Brew coffee with our dripping hang-on coffee filtering bag can make drinking coffee easier, more convenient and interesting.


GRD 0011热封口 GRD 0012超声波 GRD 001 外包装
GRD 0021热封口 GRD 0022超声波 GRD 002 外包装
GRD0081 自动包装卷材 GRD0082 自动包装卷材 GRD0083 自动包装卷材

 The hang-on aluminum-foiled external bag

The hang-on aluminum-foiled external bag: The commonly-used hang-on aluminum-foiled external bag is made up of three to four layers of pure aluminum foil, paper and thin-film materials, including the brown paper, the PET, the pure aluminum foil and PE. It is can be used for the sealing of the hang-on coffee filtering bag and the automatic vacuum nitrogen filling packaging of the hang-on coffee filtering bag, and can effectively ensure the quality and hygiene of coffee products and extend the shelf time. Currently, dozens of referential patterns prepared by the company allow the small-scale coffee manufacturers to print their corporate information on them. The imprinted packaging is totally in conformity with the national requirements of food packaging. The company can also provide customized design services for large-scale customers.



 The hang-on packaging carton

The hang-on packaging carton: The 400~500 ivory board, brown paper and fancy paper is adopted as the raw materials to make the hang-on packaging carton through the color printing, laminating and three-dimensional carton making. In this way, the coffee packaging looks more elegant, simple and high-end.



 Cooking packaging bags

Capable of cooking the packing bag: raw materials used in food grade paper, by ultrasonic welding technology adhesive bag, this product can withstand (150 DEG C high temperature cooking, good filtering performance, non-toxic, no smell, safety and health, does not contain fluorescent agent and heavy metal. Products commonly used in cooking coffee package; flower; tea bag; hot pot seasoning bag; soup seasoning bag; halogen material bag; cooking Chinese medicine bag; powder bag; a good filtering effect; food, health care products, coffee, tea, Chinese herbal medicine production enterprise, the family workshop best filter packing bag.


 The specialized filtering paper

The specialized filtering paper for the dripping coffee machine: The filtering paper adopts the original paper pulp imported from Japan as the raw materials. Without being breached through the oxygine principle, the filtering paper is in with the food-grade hygiene requirements. The packaging is suitable for the American coffee machine and the dripping coffee utensils.

 The aluminum foil compound pocket with the vent valve

The aluminum foil compound pocket with the vent valve: It is a small package most perfect for the storage and sales of coffee beans. With the single vent valve, it can discharge the carbon dioxide generated during the storage process and impede the penetration of air into the bag. The clamp design of the product allows repeated uses, which effectively ensures the sealing and storage of coffee. The three-dimension style helps the product to stand erect without falling down. The aluminized brown paper clamp strip endows the bag with strong oxygen separation, shielding, anti-damp, anti-sun, and anti-stabbing performance.


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